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Категория: Игры
Версия: 1.3.8
Релиз: 18 февраля 2011
Размер: 3132.28 Мб
Устройства: Mac
Game Center: нет
Возраст: 17+
Языки: EN
Иконка: Скачать

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749 руб 149 руб


749 руб 149 руб


It is four thousand years before the Galactic Empire and hundreds of Jedi Knights have fallen in battle against the ruthless Sith. As the last hope of the Jedi, you must lead a band of freedom fighters in an epic struggle to save the galaxy.

Can you master the awesome power of the Force on your quest to save the Republic? Or will you fall to the lure of the dark side? Hero or villain, savior or conqueror…you must choose wisely as you alone will determine the destiny of the entire galaxy!

• Immersive, action-packed Star Wars role-playing experience with customizable and evolving playable characters.
• Choose from nine customizable characters to build your party of three adventurers, including humans, droids, Twi’leks, Wookiees and more.
• Journey spans seven different worlds including Tatooine, Sith world of Korriban, Jedi Academy on Dantooine and Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk.

*** Please Check System Requirements Prior to Purchasing. ***

** System Requirements **
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6.8 Processor: Intel chipset | CPU Speed: 1.8 GHz or faster | Memory: 512 MB or higher Hard Disk Space: 5.0 GB free disk space | Video Card (ATI): Radeon X1600 | Video Card (NVidia): GeForce 7300 | Video Memory (VRam): 128 MB

Recommended System Requirements:

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6.8 | CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz | Video RAM: 256 MB

NOTICE: Integrated video chipsets are not supported (THIS INCLUDES 2010 MACBOOK PRO(low end models); 2010 MACBOOK AIRS AND 2010 MAC MINIS.)

NOTICE: This game is not supported on volumes formatted as Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive)

LucasArts, and the LucasArts logo are trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd. BioWare and the BioWare logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of EA International (Studio and Publishing) Ltd.. © 2003-2017 Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. or Lucasfilm Ltd. & ® or ™ as indicated. All rights reserved. Aspyr is a registered trademark of Aspyr Media, Inc., and the Aspyr star logo is a trademark of Aspyr Media. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic® Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic® Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic® Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic® Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic®

Что нового?

* Greatly improve performance for certain graphic cards
* Fixed dropping audio sounds effects


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