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Релиз: 10 июня 2013
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Устройства: iPhone, iPad
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Возраст: 4+
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Awkward small talk is full of it. Our wardrobes are determined by it. And our hair is accentuated because of it. The weather determines so much of our lives, so let us help you with the one thing you do have control over: how to dress for it.


Three makes being prepared for your weather as easy as one, two, our app.

Along with the current temperature, we list three articles you need if you leave your home right now. If it’s 60 and sunny, we might suggest a sweater, light scarf and sneakers. If a blizzard is on the way, get your parka, snow pants and boots out of storage.

Don’t like our taste in style? Not a problem. You can tap and hold on any item, select “Replace This” and we give you a different option. We won’t force you into a cardigan if you don’t like them (but we DO think you look cute in them, so maybe give it a shot?).

Don’t let deciding how to dress take longer than it needs. Grab the right three things and be ready to go.

Three Three Three Three Three

Что нового?

- Increased item sensitivities to extreme weather


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Three для iOS: Ваш iPhone оденет вас по погоде
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