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Категория: Графика и дизайн
Релиз: 12 ноября 2012
Обновлено: 2 декабря 2016
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Устройства: Mac
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Возраст: 17+
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Pixa is the best image organizer for your Mac.

Designers own a huge amount of images, and it can be very hard to keep them organized. Pixa manages your pictures, helps you find them and quickly exports files. Improve your design workflow with this, the ultimate image organizer.

Do you want to try Pixa? We have a demo available on our website.

One App to rule them all:
• AI
• GIF (sure, even animated)
• Pixelmator
• Acorn
• Pixelmator
• Pixen

The power of Live Folders unleashed:
• Don’t change the way you work, organize your files on disk and Pixa will look for every folder change
• Re-organize your project’s assets without moving the originals
• If you keep your collection on an external hard drive Life Folders will be your best friend

Increase your team work collaboration:
• Add your Dropbox folder as Live Folder and you will have a constantly up-to-date Library
• Using Open Meta all your tags and notes will be automatically synched through Dropbox

Smart tagging simplifies your life:
• Automatic tagging by colour and size
• Import of IPTC and Open Meta tags
• Export of Open Meta tags and notes.
• Pixa will keep the link of images dragged from the web

Improved search:
• Search through all your library for color, size or file name
• Duplicate detection on import
• Dig in deep with advanced searches

Quick Export your results:
• One drag export using integrated presets
• Create new presets selecting file type, size and archiving

One click and you are on the Cloud:
• Connect Dropbox or CloudApp and share your pictures with one click
• Use the Cloud capability with Quick Export to quickly present your work to your customers or friends
• Share on imgur

Screenshot your inspirations:
• Capture all the screen, a part of it or a window with customizable hot keys
• Grab full web page snapshots
• All screenshots are auto-tagged by size and colour

Begin a new work with assistance:
• The template system lets you create files directly from Pixa
• Built-in template like iOS icon and HTML grids are here to speed you up
• Create your owns templates from images you frequently use

Fine workmanship:
• A Loupe tool lets you check your images pixel by pixel
• The Loupe picks the colors and copies them to the clipboard in many useful formats (HTML, RGB, CSS3...)
• The information panel shows Metadata associated to the images

We love OS X:
• Pixa comes with the powerful Mountain Lion share menu
• All the interface is touch enabled to get the best from your trackpad
• Pinch to zoom, swipe to scroll -- all the gestures you are used to
• Quicklook and Full screen integration

Pixa - Organize your images, the easy way Pixa - Organize your images, the easy way Pixa - Organize your images, the easy way Pixa - Organize your images, the easy way Pixa - Organize your images, the easy way

Что нового?

- Solved bug with Sierra which causes multiple menu items to be displayed
- Animated GIFs now are correctly displayed inside the detail view
- Fixed various crashes


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