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Оригинальный текстовой редактор от создателей Drafts. Советуем.


Phraseology is an app for writing. A simple environment which makes it enjoyable to write on the iPad - but also supports you with tools that help to improve your writing.

### "Phraseology: The Definitive iPad Language Editor, 9 out of 10" - AppStorm
### New Yorker Magazine Digital Pick
### Macworld: 4 out of 5 mice.
### "Words nerd’s editor of choice.” - Wired's Gadget Lab

# Write

- Simple editing environment and lightweight document manager that do not distract from the task at hand.
- Extended keyboard with undo, cursor and selection manipulation functions.
- iCloud sync and backup.
- Link to a Dropbox account and maintain a full version history of document modification.
- Live character and word counts.
- High quality fonts and customizable font size.
- TextExpander Touch support.

# Arrange

- Unique Arrange feature edits documents or text selections via drag and drop reordering of paragraphs or sentences.

# Inspect

- Live syntax highlighting of parts of speech (English only) helps identify trouble areas in your text.
- Syntax highlighting for possible misspellings.
- Inspect view provides Flesh Kincaid (Reading Ease & Grade Level), Gunning Fog and SMOG index readability scores, as well as statistics such as average words per sentence, average syllables per word, etc.
- Inspect view breaks down down all parts of speech and root word occurrences to identify overused words.

# Share and Integrate

- State of the art URL schemes manipulate documents (open, append, prepend, get) as well as utilize Phraseology's Arrange and Inspect features from other apps such as Drafts and Editorial (see our website for details).
- Output documents via: Open in, Email, Clipboard, Print and iOS standard sharing options.

# Educate

Phraseology is a great writing app for both K-12 and higher education environments. If you are using Phraseology in a school, please get in touch and tell us how to improve the app!

## Feedback

We are always looking for ways to improve our app, and would love you hear from you. Let us know what you think at:

- [Website](http://agiletortoise.com/phraseology)
- [Twitter](http://twitter.com/phraseologyapp)
- [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/phraseologyapp)

Phraseology - Text Editor with Writing Tools Phraseology - Text Editor with Writing Tools Phraseology - Text Editor with Writing Tools Phraseology - Text Editor with Writing Tools Phraseology - Text Editor with Writing Tools

Что нового?

#### Visit our blog for more detailed release notes: agiletortoise.com/blog

- [Fix] Fix for x-success callback issue when using /inspect URL.

#### Help & Support: info@agiletortoise.com
#### News and Tips: @phraseologyapp on Facebook and Twitter

Review and ratings are always appreciated!


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