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Категория: Образование
Версия: 1.5
Релиз: 20 октября 2009
Размер: 0.32 Мб
Устройства: iPhone, iPad
Game Center: нет
Возраст: 12+
Языки: EN
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Nearest Wiki is your very own information portal in Augmented Reality view.

This is the app for you whether you are interested in brushing up on your general knowledge or are keen to learn about your surroundings in a fun interactive way. And it works in any country, anywhere in the world.

Ever walked past a building and wanted to know more? Diminish your unknown with the nearest wiki!

Holding the phone vertically gives you an AR view, with a synopsis against points of interest near you. Taping on the place you wish to learn more about will give you more in-depth information on the location with images.

NearestWiki NearestWiki NearestWiki

Что нового?

Corrected bug causing half the screen to be blank on OS 4 devices.


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