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Категория: Фото и видео
Релиз: 21 января 2011
Обновлено: 2 декабря 2017
Размер: 16.74 Мб
Устройства: iPhone, iPad
Game Center: нет
Возраст: 4+
Языки: EN, FR, DE, JA, KO, RU, ZH, ES, SV
Иконка: Скачать


A simplistic and creative app for combining images with masks and different blend modes on your iPhone and iPad.

While the use and basic idea is very simple, there's almost an endless list of things you can do with it. Some things worth highlighting are:
- Multi Exposure
- Choosing where and how much to apply of filter from other apps.
- Adding or replacing objects.
- Adding textures.
- Creating your own personalised filters with overlays

Image Blender outputs the full resolution without any limits to the size of your source image.

If you have any questions before buying, need help to get started or just want to share your work, don't hesitate to send a mail to blender@jhnd.me and I'll do my best to help.

Image Blender Image Blender Image Blender Image Blender Image Blender Image Blender Image Blender Image Blender

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