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Категория: Графика и дизайн
Версия: 2.1.8
Релиз: 3 мая 2011
Размер: 4.54 Мб
Устройства: Mac
Game Center: нет
Возраст: 4+
Языки: EN
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*** Apple Design Award Winner, 2009 ***

Keep your fonts together with Fontcase, a font manager with an elegant and powerful workflow to help you perfectly organise and preview your fonts.
Fontcase shows beautiful previews of your fonts and has a powerful tagging system which integrates with Typedia. It has auto-activation built in for the Adobe apps without you having to install any plugins at all.

# 2.1: Beautiful, smarter and faster

Fontcase 2’s redesigned interface is more efficient and a lot faster. You can now view and compare multiple fonts directly and things like scrolling and skimming feel a lot faster.
Fontcase truly is the best way to preview your fonts in any way you might like. There are three views to view your fonts Display, Header and Glyphs. Take a look at the screenshots to see them in action.

# Typesetting for the modern age

No font can be judged in a vacuum. You will probably want to see how combinations of certain fonts look together in different styles. Or you may have website where you want to tweak the fonts.

With the Fontcase typesetter you can; by dragging fonts from your library on the typesetter window Fontcase will substitute the fonts directly.

Fontcase Fontcase Fontcase Fontcase Fontcase

Что нового?

- Fixes a bug in Fetching Metadata


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