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Релиз: 11 июля 2013
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Устройства: iPhone, iPad
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***As Featured in i.Business Magazine.***
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Quickly Compose an Email, Schedule it, and go on with your life with full confidence the email will reach its recipient right on time.

eSend Features:

Easy Account Setup
- Models the Apple Mail Client.
- Chose the most popular account types and just insert name and password: Gmail, Hotmail, Aol, Yahoo, etc...
- Easy to set up corporate accounts.
- Endless accounts supported.
- Quick add button for more accounts.

Easy Message Composition
- Familiar Compose Screen.
- Quick Add Button pulls any email from your existing iPhone Contact List.
- Quick Type auto-fills the email address.
- Use the Easy Schedule Dialer to select the minute you want your email to arrive.

Schedules Screen
- View all scheduled emails in one list screen.
- Edit Button or Swipe Schedule to Delete.

Intuitive Navigation
- Minimalistic Buttons.
- Easy to move from one screen to another.

Social Networking
- Facebook Integration.

- Quick contact button in the app or email us at support@eSendapp.com with any questions.

What does eSend do that no other app can?

eSend flawlessly schedules your emails using any and all of your email accounts. We have made it easy to set up your accounts, compose your email and schedule the message right down to the minute you want it to arrive in your receiver’s mailbox.

How does this eSend help its users?

You never have to forget to send another email. Write it while the message is fresh in your mind and schedule it to arrive right when you want.

It’s perfect for reminders, birthdays, anniversaries, etc...

If you know someone is away from the office until a specified time, schedule your email to arrive right when they return. That way your email is on the top of their mailbox and your message will be the first to get a reply.

Or just ‘sneak out’ and let your boss or client think that you are hard at work for them. Schedule your email to be sent early in the morning or late at night and really impress them with your dedication.

What makes eSend unique?

It is the only email scheduler in the Apple iTunes App Store that absolutely works!

The design of eSend makes it so that you could schedule your email, turn off your iPhone and then take an international flight with the full confidence that your email will arrive right on time where and when you want it.

How will eSend change your life?

You are no longer chained to your desktop computer. Using eSend offers you the flexibility of your iPhone with the transcription-ing fun and productivity of Siri, and all for the cost of a cup of coffee.

Go ahead download it. We know you won't regret it.

eSend - Email Scheduler eSend - Email Scheduler eSend - Email Scheduler eSend - Email Scheduler eSend - Email Scheduler

Что нового?

Redesigned user interface
Replaced all graphics
Bug Fixes


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