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Категория: Здоровье и фитнес
Версия: 1.8.2
Релиз: 14 сентября 2008
Размер: 1.28 Мб
Устройства: iPhone, iPad
Game Center: нет
Возраст: 4+
Языки: EN
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"If you are a cyclist you know that this is probably the cheapest bike accessory you will ever buy, and it is one of the most helpful for improving the quality of your cycling life."
-- Apps Addicts -- http://www.appsaddicts.com/node/154

PLEASE: email me before posting a negative review. There are multiple reviews which are completely inaccurate. I will answer all questions immediately and factually.

NOTE: To delete any item, use the standard iPhone gesture of swiping your finger across the item from left to right and a Delete button will appear. Tap away from the Delete button to cancel. This works on rides, routes, goals, and bikes!

Cychosis is a journal and log for biking and cycling. Cychosis is very easy to use for both the occasional rider as well as the serious racer. It does not use nor require a device with a GPS (works on all iPhone or iPod Touch devices).


- New: Many more fields for you to keep track of; Heart Rate Max/Avg, Cadence Max/Avg, Power Max/Avg, Elevation Min/Max, Gradient Max/Avg, Maximum Speed, and Body Weight.

- Charting! See high resolution graphs of your ride distances, average speed, and time. When on the Rides screen, simply rotate your device right or left 90 degrees to enable the graphs.

- Optionally auto tweet (Twitter) each ride so your family and friends can keep up on your riding! (Follow 'cychosis' on twitter to see my rides and updates about the app).

- Export rides to CSV for more advanced tracking and charting (in Excel, Numbers, etc) -- last 5 exports are privately stored on the Cychosis export server for you to download.

- Quickly record rides as soon as you're finished and see the ride statistics.

- Filter rides and see summary statistics over those rides.

- Keep track of the mileage and number of rides on any number of bikes, as well as your overall average speed on that bike.

- Set any number of distance goals and track progress against them.

- Keep track of common routes, distance, elevation, notes, best time, etc.

- Associate a ride with one or many goals, and goal progress is automatically updated for each goal.

- Much more.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cychosis

Forums: http://www.cychosis.com/forums

Guide: http://www.cychosis.com/?guide (lots of screen shots)

Cychosis - Cycling Journal Cychosis - Cycling Journal Cychosis - Cycling Journal Cychosis - Cycling Journal Cychosis - Cycling Journal

Что нового?

- Minor UI cleanup
- Slight tweak to calorie estimates (estimates were too high)


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