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Релиз: 1 июля 2013
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Устройства: iPad
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Возраст: 4+
Языки: EN
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Это одно из тех приложений, которые открывают всё новые и новые возможности iPad. Гениально.


Have you ever dreamt of painting a picture with sounds?
Play sounds without even tounching the iPad?

Now the dream comes true with ColorBand !!
ColorBand not only allows you to play sounds in mid air using the iPads built in camera but is also a complete sound sandbox and art creation tool packed full of fun for you and your kids.

We all know children love to create and ColorBand gives them the tools to let their imaginations run free. This is the perfect way to introduce the young ones to music creation and art. Painting will never be the same!

Over 80 different interactive colors. Each one with a unique sound that represents an instrument or an effect. After you've finished your drawing, play it using the iPads built in camera, by touch, or by automatic playback. You can also have ColorBands cute mascot bunny "Lalabee" dance along to your creations.

Your kids will love it !!

- Interactive canvas with easy to use tools.
- 80+ professional recorded instruments and sound effects.
- Record your own sounds.
- Camera based motion-control.
- Touch and auto playback mode.
- Play with interactive character- Lalabee.

Welcome to ColorBand!

Learn more at: LND-games.com
Follow us on Twitter: @LNDGames
Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/LNDGames
Subscribe on Youtube: youtube.com/user/ColorBandApp

Color Band Color Band Color Band Color Band Color Band

Что нового?

It's the season of joy, of family gathering and share wonderful things. It's quite a journey for Color Band in the past 6 months and the time to come. We want to thank you for your support with the year end specials:
- Christmas sound pack & Coloring book
- An extreme package to unlock all existed 9 sound packs for a WOW price!

Wish you peace, joy and happiness through Christmas and the coming year.


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